Nicolas Le Novère
e-mail: n.lenovereATgmailDOTcom, orcid:0000-0002-6309-7327
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I studied molecular biology and biochemistry at École Normale Supérieure, evolution at University Paris Sud, biophysics and pharmacology at University Pierre and Marie Curie, where I received a PhD in 1998. My early career at the Pasteur Institute focused on brain nicotinic receptors and their role in tobacco addiction, using both experimental and computational approaches. I moved to systems biology while modeling bacterial chemotaxis at the University of Cambridge (UK). My research then centered on inter- and intra-cellular signals, with a particular emphasis on synaptic plasticity,first at EMBL-EBI and then at the Babraham Institute. I coordinated the development of key software tools to support computational systems biology research, such as BioModels, and was a major figure behind the development of a coordinated set of standards to share computational models, including SBML, SBGN and the MIRIAM guidelines. I was member of the board of directors of the International Society for Computational Biology, section head for Network and Systems Biology at the F1000, and associate editor of the journals BMC Systems Biology and NPJ Systems Biology and Applications.