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I am a dedicated consultant specializing in life science research, with a particular focus on data modeling, analysis, and scientific writing. Currently, I hold the position of Director of Research at the prestigious French CNRS (currently on leave). You can benefit from my expertise by hiring my services through the reputable company aSciStance.

My Academic Journey

My academic journey has been one of continuous exploration and advancement. I studied molecular biology and biochemistry at École Normale Supérieure, delved into the intricacies of evolution at the University of Paris Sud, and furthered my knowledge in biophysics and pharmacology at the esteemed University Pierre and Marie Curie. This educational journey culminated in the successful completion of my PhD in 1998.

Research Focus

Early in my career, I conducted groundbreaking research at the Pasteur Institute, where I concentrated on brain nicotinic receptors and their role in tobacco addiction. My approach was multidisciplinary, combining both experimental and computational methods.

Subsequently, I ventured into the field of systems biology while working on modeling bacterial chemotaxis at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. My research has consistently revolved around inter- and intra-cellular signals, with a significant emphasis on synaptic plasticity. I have contributed significantly to this field, first at EMBL-EBI and later at the Babraham Institute.

Contributions to Computational Systems Biology

I have played a pivotal role in advancing computational systems biology through the development of essential software tools like BioModels. Additionally, I have been a driving force behind the establishment of coordinated standards for sharing computational models, including SBML, SBGN, the MIRIAM guidelines, and the Identifiers.org infrastructure.

Leadership Roles

Throughout my career, I have taken on leadership roles to foster collaboration and progress in the field. I have had the honor of serving on the board of directors of the International Society for Computational Biology, where I worked diligently to advance the organization’s mission. Moreover, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Network and Systems Biology section at F1000, further solidifying my commitment to the field. Additionally, I have served as an associate editor for renowned journals such as BMC Systems Biology and NPJ Systems Biology and Applications.

My journey in life science research has been one of passion, dedication, and continuous growth. I am committed to making a lasting impact in the field and welcome opportunities for collaboration and consultation.