Knowledge base of synaptic signalling - BETA version


Glutamatergic synapses play a central role in learning and memory. Their function relies on very large transduction protein complexes coupled to downstream signalling pathways. Accurate and comprehensive knowledge of those molecular networks is key to understand the regulation of the synapse. Within the context of the EU project SynSys, we are building a knowledge repository of the signalling processes involved in the postsynaptic part of a glutamatergic synapse. Curated graphical representations of relevant signalling pathways at different levels of granularity were generated, as well as a database where information can be effectively stored and retrieved. 

A global coarse map as well as detailed maps for specific pathways were built. Additional analysis were performed that highlight the proteins malfunctioning in mental disorders. 


Thus far, beta versions of the following maps are available


Global coarse map    (version from 7th September 2014)

AMPA receptor modifications    (version from 7th December 2014)

NMDA receptor modifications     (version from 7th December 2014)

Phosphoinositide     (version from 7th December 2014)

MAPK     (version from 7th December 2014)

Calcium_calmodulin     (version from 7th December 2014)


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