Babraham School Day - 4th of March 2015


total duration 2:00

Talk 30 mins
NLN to prepare handouts

Break 30 mins
"Jelly babies" exercise
Mela to compute number of nodes needed
Two tasks:
1) "Build network that ..." : "is power-law" ; "is random" ; "is uniform"
2) "eat nodes so that ..." : "you do not change the branching" ; "you remove the most connected nodes" ; "you remove the most central node"

Practicals 1h00
Two networks, each one done by 3 students.
Singer singing together: Pnar to prepare the network
Protein-Protein interactions: Boo to prepare the network
We provide a file with all nodes but no edges. The students must find the edges from the internet/STRING
We also provide a file with the control network
Analysis of the network: degree distribution; clustering; connectivity; in-betweeness

Nico to prepare the computers:
Cytoscape 3
A folder with the files.


Google Drive folder

A google drive folder was created to store all the materials for the school day: (read only link) (edit link if the folder was shared with you)