Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitæ

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Educational and professional qualifications

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2013: Habilitation à diriger des recherches from University Bordeaux II Segalen;
2010-present: Directeur de Recherche (senior scientist) of the CNRS;
2001-2010: Chargé de Recherche (research fellow) of the CNRS;
1994-1998: PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from University Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie;
1992-1993: Diploma of Advanced Studies (Master Degree) in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from University Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie;
1990-1993: Magistere in Biology-Biochemistry from École Normale Supérieure;
1991-1992: Master of Cellular Biology from University Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris XI [Evolution; Neuroendocrinology; Molecular Biophysics];
1990-1991: Licence (Bachelor) of Cellular Biology and Physiology from University Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie;
1988-1990: Advanced maths classes preparing for the Grandes Écoles at the lycée Camille Guérin of Poitier;
1988: Scientific baccalaureate at the Prytanée National Militaire of La Flèche;

Employment history

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Since 2019: Founder and director
aSciStance Limited; Cambridge, UK.
2012-2018: Senior Group leader
Babraham Institute; Babraham, Cambridge, UK.
2014-2015: Chief Data Officer
Curie Institute; Paris, FR.
2003-September: Group leader
EMBL-EBI; Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.
2001-2003: Researcher
CNRS URA 2182, Récepteurs et Cognition; Institut Pasteur, 25, rue du Dr ROUX, 75724 Paris cedex 15. Principal investigator : Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX.
1999-2001: Post-doctoral fellow
Computational Cell Biology, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, Downing street, CB2 3EJ, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Principal investigator : Dennis BRAY.
1992-1999: Undergraduate, PhD student, and post-doctoral fellow
CNRS URA D1284, Neubiologie Moléculaire; Institut Pasteur, 25, rue du Dr ROUX, 75724 Paris cedex 15. Principal investigator : Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX.
1991: Undergraduate student
INSERM 153, Service of Développement, Pathologie, Régénération du système neuromusculaire; 17, rue du fer à moulin, 75005 Paris. Principal investigator: Michel FARDEAU.

Teaching and student supervision

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PhD supervisions

Manusnan Suriyalaksh (2016-2018), Juliette Pearce (2016-2018), Janna Hastings (2015-2018), Vincent Knight-Schrivjer (2014-2018), Benedetta Frida Baldi (2009-2015), Christine Seeliger (2009-2014), Michele Mattioni (2008-2012), Lu Li (2007-2010), Melanie I Stefan (2006-2009), Dominic P Tolle (2005-2009), Zhi-Yan Han (1999-2002)

PhD visitors

Lucas Marmiesse (2015), Anna Zhukova (2016), Youwei Zheng (2011), Nathan Skene (2010), Ron Henkel (2009), Koray Dağan Kaya (2008), Christian Knüpfer (2007), Dagmar Köhn (Waltemath) (2007)

Undergraduate interns

Agathe Delaune (2017), Derya Sebukhan (2017), Letizia Vestito (2017), Katrīna Daila Neiburga (2016), Krutic Patel (2016), Hoa Le (2014), Ioana Olan (2014), Simon Delagneau (2014), John Gowers (2013), Grigalius Taukanska (2013), Marija Jankovic (2013), Yangyang Zhao (2012), Ishan Ajmera (2011), Denis Brun (2011), Michael Schubert (2011), Anna Zhukova (2011), Gael Jalowicki (2011), Jean-Baptiste Pettit (2010), Karim Tazibt (2010), Marine Dumousseau (2009), Duncan Berenguier (2008), Ranjita Dutta-Roy (2008), Kedar Nath Natarajan (2008), David Marshall (2007), Antonia Mayer (2007), Anika Oellrich (2007), Enuo He (2006), Arnaud Henry (2006), Camille Laibe (2006), Renaud Schiappa (2006), Lu Li (2005), Alexander Broicher (2004), Marie-Ange Djite (2004).

PhD juries

Sylvain Soliman Habilitation (2015), Samuel Croset (2014), Lukas Endler (2012), Allyson Lister (2011), Andrew Miller (2011), Dagmar Köhn (Waltemath) (2011), Aurelien Rizk (2011), Carito Guziolowski (2010), Sarala Wimalaratne (2009), Benjamin Hall (2007), Pim Van Nierop (2007), Stéphanie Weiss (2006), Anne-Sophie Villegier (2005), Geoffroy Golfier (2004)


Organiser (and lecturer)

EBI course In silico systems biology (April 2010, April 2011, April 2012, June 2013, June 2015, July 2016, July 2017, June 2018); WT/E-MeP Advanced Training Workshop in Bioinformatics of Membrane Proteins, Hinxton, UK (February 2008); Okinawa Computational Neuroscience Course 2006, OIST, JP (Jul 2006);


Advances in Systems and Synthetic Biology, Strasbourg (2015), Cambridge University Technical College (2015), Part III Systems Biology, University of Cambridge, UK (2013, 2014); EBI course "The Systems Biology Modelling Cycle", Hinxton, UK (2014); Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência PhD student course, Lisbon, PT (2012); Summer School, Kandersteg, CH (2011); Summer school of the Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, SP (2011); EBI-Wellcome Trust Summer School in Bioinformatics (Jun 2010, Jun 2011, Jun 2012); International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) - Cambridge (2007, 2009); EBI training on Networks and Pathways (Jun 2009); APO-SYS data management workshop, Hinxton, UK (June 2008); SysBioMed Winter School, Tenerife, ES (Feb 2007); EMBL international PhD program, Heidelberg, DE. (Oct 2007, Oct 2005); Symbionic course on Methods, data handling and standards in neuronal systems biology, Trieste, IT (Aug 2005)FEBS course 1st Advanced Course on Systems Biology: From Molecules & Modeling To Cells, Gosau, AT (Mar 2005); ESF course Modelling Metabolic and Signal Transduction Networks, Oxford, UK (Sep 2005); Diploma of Advanced Studies of Neurobiology and Pharmacology (École Normale Supérieure), Paris, FR (Nov 2002).

Awards and fellowships

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May 2003: JM Le Goff Award (prize of the French Academy of Science)
1999-2001: long term fellowship from the European Molecular Biology Organisation.
1998-1999: Allocation Roux of the Institut Pasteur.
1994-1997: Allocation from the french Ministry of Research.

Professional memberships

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2017-2018: Faculty of 1000, head of section Network and Systems Biology
2014-2016: International Society for Stem Cell Research
2010-2018: International Society for Computational Biology (senior member from 2016, Board of directors 2017-2018)
2007-present: Executive board, International Society of Systems Biology
1995 The Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution


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BBSRC Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Host Defence and Immunosenescence: a BBSRC Strategic Programme 01/04/2017-31/03/2022.
BBSRC Epigenetics and cellular heterogeneity in development and ageing 01/04/2017-31/03/2022.
BBSRC Molecular mechanisms underpinning healthy ageing, a BBSRC Strategic Programme 01/04/2017-31/03/2022.
NIH Continued support and development of SBML (co-I) 01/05/2016-30/04/2019.
BBSRC MultiMod, flexible management for multi-scale multi-approach models in biology 01/06/2016-31/05/2019.
BBSRC UK Multi-Scale Biology Network 06/2015-05/2018.
MRC Modification of the host lipidome by Rhinovirus infection (Co-I) 03/07/2014-
BBSRC CASE Systems Pharmacology Models of Druggable Pharmaceutical Targets and Disease Mechanisms 31/03/2014-30/03/2018.
EU commission Systems biology of pathways involving brain ageing (AgedBrainSYSBIO) (co-I) 01/01/2013-
BBSRC ISP A systems approach to understanding lipid, Ca2+ and MAPK signalling networks (Co-I) 01/04/2012-31/07/2017.
BBSRC Linking data with 01/08/2012
EU commission Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE) (Co-I) 27/09/2012
BBSRC BBR BioModels Database, the comprehensive resource for computational models in Biology 01/08/2012-30/07/2015
IMI-JU Open PHACTS (Co-I) 01/02/2012
BBSRC How do cells shape and interpret PIP3 signals (Co-I) 01/05/2011-30/04/2016.
IMI-JU Drug Discovery Model Repository (DDMoRe) (Co-I) 01/03/2011-28/02/2016.
BBSRC First COMBINE meeting: Bridging model structure, semantics and representation. 06/10/2010-09/10/2010.
NIH Continued support and development of SBML (co-I) 01/09/2010-31/12/2012.
EU commission Synaptic Systems: dissecting brain function in health and disease (SynSys) (Co-I) 01/07/2010-30/06/2014.
EU Commission ELIXIR technical feasibility study 13.3 (Co-I) 01/03/2008-31/08/2009
BBSHDRRC BBR BioModels Database: a unified resource for Systems Biology models. 01/01/2008-31/12/2011
NIH Continued support and development of SBML (Co-I) 01/09/2007-31/08/2010.
BBSRC Interfacing standards and ontologies in Systems Biology. 01/04/2007-31/03/2011
BBSRC Software infrastructure to support the standard of model curation and annotation MIRIAM. 01/09/2006-31/08/2007
NEDO Development of The Systems Biology Graphical Notation, a standard graphical notation for diagrams of computational models in biology (Co-I) 01/11/2005-30/06/2008
NIH Continued support and development of SBML (Co-I) 01/09/2005-31/01/2007
EU commission The European Membrane Protein Consortium (e-MeP) (Co-I) 01/07/2004-31/03/2009.
ESF The Meso-telencephalic Dopamine Consortium (DopaNet). 01/01/2003-31/12/2005.


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See the dedicated publication page.


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See the dedicated lecture page.

Evaluation and management of science

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Member of the editorial board of:
BMC Systems Biology (2006-2018, associate editor 2008-2018), PeerJ (2012-2014), NPJ Systems Biology and applications (associate editor 2014-2018)
Meeting organisation:
SBML hackathon 2004, hackathon 2009, SBGN 1, SBGN 2, SBGN 2.5, SBGN 3, SBGN 3.5, SBGN 4, COMBINE 2010, COMBINE 2011, COMBINE 2012, COMBINE 2013, HARMONY 2011, HARMONY 2012, EMBO meeting 2015 special interest symposium on epigenetics and cell fate.
Member of conference scientific committee for
BioNetVisa 2014, BioNetVisa 2015, BioNetVisa 2016, BioNetVisa 2017, BioSysBio 2009, BioSysBio2008, CBIBM 2014, CIBB 2009, CMSB 2008, CMSB 2005, ICBO 2013, ICBO 2012, ICSB 2016, ICSB 2014, ICSB 2010, ICSB 2008, ICSB 2006, ECCB 2008, ISMB/ECCB 2015, chair of the theme "systems", ISMB/ECCB 2017, FMMB 2014,
Standardisation editorial boards:
co-chair of the IUPHAR sub-committee on the nomenclature of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Systems Biology Markup Language - SBML (2006-2008, 2011-2013, 2016-2018), Systems Biology Graphical Notation (2008-2012), Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language (2008-2013)
Grant panels:
Swiss National Fund (2016-2018), ERC Advanced Grants (2015-2018), MRC Biomedical Informatics Fellowship (2014), FRM Bioinformatics (2013, 2014), Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (2013), agreenskills (2013), BMBF eBio (2011), BBSRC TRDF (2010) and STRDF (2011), ANR SYSCOMM (2008, 2009), ANR/BBSRC Systems Biology (2007)
Steering committee:
The European Membrane Protein Consortium - E-MeP (2004-2007), AgedBrainSYSBIO (2013-), UK Multi-Scale Biology community network (2015-)
Scientific advisory committees:
AERES, EU IP ENFIN, BioPAX, BBSRC Plant Models Portal (2008-2010), Research Centre of the Institut Curie (2009-2018), German Virtual Liver Network (2010-2014), COPASI BBR (2013-), Heidelberg Centre for Organismal Studies (2013), Montpellier Pôle Biosanté Rabelais (2013), labex EpiGenMed (2013-), Toulouse Centre of Integrative Biology (2016-), Cochin Institute (2016-), UK Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Network
Expert groups:
INSERM "Tobacco: Understand the addiction to act" (2003), EU "Systems Biology for Medical Applications" (2007), BBSRC "Digital Organisms" (2012), Science Europe "Multidisciplinary career paths"