Vladimir Kiselev

Vladimir_Kiselev-170x150.jpgI am a post-doc in Nicolas Le Novère’s laboratory. My main interests are to study PI3K phosphoinositide signalling pathway using novel mass-spec and RNA-seq experimental data obtained in collaboration with Len Stephens and Phil Hawkins at the Babraham Institute.
                                                                                                             Babraham: PI3K phosphoinositide signalling pathway


I obtained my Bachelor’s (2006) and Master’s (2008) degrees from the Department of Molecular & Biological Physics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


I obtained my PhD (2011) in Dr Andrew Goryachev's group at the Centre for Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh studying cell membrane dynamics in phospholipid signalling pathways.

Edinburgh: PS membrane lipid density around a rotating 5 residue-membrane-bound peptide

I am also a visiting post-doc in Nicholas Luscombe's laboratory in London, where I am studying the regulation of mRNA polyadenylation by various nuclear proteins using various types of CLIP data in collaboration with Kathi Zarnack.

London: CFIm68 RNA-binding profile relative to RNA-end (0)


In the future I would love to continue my Bioinformatics activity. I am very interested in analyzing the increasingly emerging sequencing data. I believe that most of the genome secrets are still unknown and there will be a lot of new discoveries in this field very soon!



A growing (!) list of my publications can be found at Google Citation or PubMed.
On my personal webpage you can find more information about me, for example about my blog.