Vincent Knight-Schrijver

Vincent Knight SchrijverAs a recent and excited addition to Nicolas’ group as a PhD student, I am researching 'Systems Pharmacology Models of Druggable Pharmaceutical Targets and Disease Mechanisms'. My previous research, in contrast to the project at hand, is within wet-lab environments. I graduated from the University of Leeds (UK) with a First Class (Hons) in Pharmacology where my final work involved hGLP-1R (a B-GPCR) mutagenesis and ligand profiling in transfected HEK cells to aid small molecule development. Funded by a CASE studentship at the Babraham Institute for four years, I will be learning systems biology and pharmacology modeling under Nicolas Le Novere at the BI and EBI as well as undertaking a placement at GSK where I’ll be text mining.

I believe that Systems Pharmacology models should be available to assist in the target acquisition, optimisation of and trialling of pharmaceutical agents. Through utility of increasingly popular computational models, an intelligent decisive system may also be used to aid go/no-go decisions without extensive and expensive furthering of animal testing and clinical studies.

The general aim of my work is to 1) Locate, using text-mining, a gap or potential gaps in databases of existing models with particular relevance to action of pharmaceuticals 2) Curate, describe and create models with respect to the gaps in knowledge and 3) To validate the usefulness and utility of systems pharmacology models as part of the developmental processes in drug discovery.