Massimo Lai

Massimo LaiMassimo Lai studied Biomedical Engineering in Milan and was a visiting student at the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Technologies, Aachen (Germany), where he worked on models of flow-induced blood damage in medical devices for life support.
His clumsiness in the lab soon brought him to develop an ever-growing interest in the less hazardous world of computational methods, and he therefore moved to Cranfield University (UK) to pursue a PhD in molecular dynamics, with a focus on coarse-graining methods for biomolecular simulations.

After joining Nicolas Le Novere's group, his main research interests have revolved around to the study of biochemical pathways involved in synaptic plasticity, using stochastic and particle-based methods.
He's also currently working on kinetic and allosteric models of calcium-activated proteins in brain synapses.