Positions opened in the group

We are always happy to welcome new researchers in the group, whether for a few months or a few years. Based on the fundings available, we open positions dedicated to particular projects. We also host visitors who can pursue their own research interests, if relevant to our themes of research. We expect everyone to have common knowledge foundations.

Grant-funded post-doctoral positions

No grant-funded post-doctoral positions are available at the moment.

Fellowship-funded post-doctoral trainings

We welcome candidates who would like to undergo a post-doctoral training in the lab. If you have a good project that matches the group's interests, and a decent CV, we will assist you in writing fellowship applications. You need to have, or obtain soon, a PhD in a scientific domain. The exact field is irrelevant if you are bright and motivated. However, we expect you to have a serious knowledge of cellular and molecular biology, and feel at home with computers and mathematical modelling. Some possible sources of post-doc fellowships:


No funded developer positions are available at the moment.

PhD studentships

No funded PhD positions are available at the moment.


We are always happy to host enthusiastic students for master degree internships (and sometimes bachelor, albeit only for exceptional applicants). You need to have a good knowledge of cellular and molecular biology, and solid training in basic numerical analysis. Although advanced programming skills are not required, you must be at home with computers. Geeks welcome! You'll have a desk, and access to the Babraham compute farm. We do not offer stipends. However, we support applications to various fellowships schemes.

Exchanging know-how – Visitor programme

The Babraham Institute holds extensive tacit knowledge (know-how). This knowledge is an important resource which we are keen to see shared across the scientific community. The Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation (KEC) committee will provide funds to cover the accommodation costs of individuals (in Campus accommodation) for up to a month (~£700) to support training and knowledge exchange – applications for longer may also be considered if well justified. Travel costs will need to be found by your home laboratory. Applications (1 side of A4 with projected costs) may be sent at any time of the year.