About the lab

The availability of large amounts of quantitative data, coupled to the rise of computational biology methods, now makes possible the study of biological processes at a system level.

Our group tried to understand how cellular and molecular systems interpret signals from their environment and adapt their behaviour as a consequence.

The group also participated to the development of community services that facilitate research in computational systems biology. This includes efforts towards encoding, annotating and sharing mathematical models in molecular and cellular biology, such as creation of standard representations (SBML, SED-ML, SBGN), controlled vocabularies (SBO, KiSAO, TEDDY, MAMO, Identifiers.org) production of databases (BioModels Database, MIRIAM Registry) and development of software to support the use of standards.

The lab was part of the Epigenetic, Signalling, and Lymphocyte Signalling Institute Strategic Programmes of the Babraham Institute.

Group Spring 2017

The group in Winter 2018. From left to right, top then bottom, Nicolas Rodriguez, Vincent Knight-Shrijver, Sven Bergman, Piero Dalle-Pezze, Manusnan Suriyalaksh, Lu Li, Nicolas Le Novère, Janna Hastings, Juliette Pearce.

Group Winter 2018

The group in Spring 2017. From left to right, top then bottom, Manusnan Suriyalaksh, Piero Dalle Pezze, An Nguyen, Vincent Knight-Schrijver, Agathe Delaune, Janna Hastings, Juliette Pearce, Varun Kothamachu, Nicolas Rodriguez, Lu Li, Nicolas Le Novère, Letizia Vestito and in front, absolutely not photoshoped in, Derya Sebukhan

Group Summer 2016

The group in Summer 2016, a bit depleted by vacations and maternity leaves. From left to right (I think) An Nguyen, Nicolas Rodriguez, Piero Dalle Pezze, Vincent Knoght-Schrijver, Nicolas Le Novère, Katrina Neiburga, Lu Li, Bhupinder Virk. Artwork by Katrina Neiburga.

Group May 2014
Another gorgeous day at the Babraham Institute, 19th May 2014. From left to right, top then bottom, Ioana Olan, Martina Fröhlich, Massimo Lai, Vladimir Kiselev, Simon Delagneau, Nicolas Le Noveère, Sven Bergman, Vincent Knigth-Schrijver, Stu Edelstein (balloon), Pınar Pir, Hoa Le, Nicolas Rodriguez, Lu Li

Group July 2013
The group relaxes in the gardens of the Babraham Institute, 24th July 2013. From left to right, balloons (in vacations at the time) then top then bottom, Massimo Lai, Christine Seeliger, Benedetta Baldi, Marija Jankovic, Nicolas Le Novère, Nicolas Rodriguez, Lu Li, Stuart Edelstein, Simone Zorzan, John Gowers, Grigalius Taujanska, Vladimir Kiselev, Martina Fröhlich, Sven Bergman, Pınar Pir

The group arrives at the Babraham Institute, 1st October 2012. From left to right, top then bottom, Nicolas Le Novère, Stuart Edelstein, Martina Fröhlich, Vladimir Kiselev, Massimo Lai, Benedetta Frida Baldi, Christine Seeliger, Nicolas Rodriguez, Pınar Pir

Group retreat Berlin 2011. From left to right, top then bottom, Massimo Lai, Maciej Swat, Stuart Moodie, Youwei Zheng, Michele Mattioni, Vladimir Kiselev, Nick Juty, Camille Laibe, Stuart Edelstein, Nicolas Rodriguez, Dagmar Waltemath, Sarah Keating, Nicolas Le Novère, Christine Seeliger, Vijayalakshmi (you wonder if a mustache is a hiring requirement for males? Have a look at Movember)

At the EBI spring 2011. From left to right, top then bottom, Benedetta Frida Baldi, Vijayalakshmi Chelliah, Christine Hoyer, Lu Li, Nicolas Rodriguez, Junmei Zhu, Michele Mattioni, Massimo Lai, Nick Juty, Camille Laibe, Gael Jalowcki, Sarah Keating, Nicolas Le Novè

Group retreat Barcelona 2010. From left to right, top then bottom, Lukas Endler, Nick Juty, Stuart Edelstein, Nicolas Le Novère, Camille Laibe, Michele Mattioni, Nicolas Rodriguez, Melanie Stefan, Christine Seeliger, Lu Li, Vijayalakshmi Chelliah, Benedetta Frida Baldi.

Group retreat Paris 2009. From bottom to top, left then to to bottom right, Vijayalakshmi Chelliah, Marine Dumousseau, Michele Mattioni, Nicolas Rodriguez, Dagmar Waltemath, Ron Henkel, Lukas Endler, Chen Li, Sarah Keating, Melanie Stefan, Nick Juty, Nicolas Le Novère, Stuart Edelstein, Duncan Berenguier, Lu Li (invisible: Camille Laibe, Anika Oellrich)

Group retreat Rostock 2008. From left to right, top then bottom, Stuart Edelstein, Camille Laibe, Chen Li, Daniel McGreal, Dominic Tolle, Michele Mattioni, Nick Juty, Kathryn Hardwick, Lukas Endler, Noriko Hiroi, Nicolas Rodriguez, Nicolas Le Novère, Dagmar Waltemath, Lu Li, Melanie Stefan.