GLUr5rano  rat glutamate receptor GLUR5 subunit

Organism Rattus norvegicus
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Accession codes for other databases DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: Z11712
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: M83560
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: Z11713
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: Z11714
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: M83561
Locus Chr
  • Sommer,B., Burnashev,N., Verdoorn,T. and Kein Seeburg,P. A glutamate receptor channel with high affinity for domoate and kainate. EMBO J. (1992)
  • Bettler,B., Boulter,J., Hermans-Borgmeyer,I., O'Shea-Greenfield,A., Deneris,E.S., Moll,C., Borgmeyer,U., Hollmann,M. and Heinemann,S.F. Cloning of a Novel Glutamate Receptor Subunit, GluR5: Expression in the Nervous System during Development. Neuron 5, 583-595 (1990)
General notes

Q1b clones from Bettler et al. (1990) and Sommer et al. (1992) are different and therefore both retained (all Sommer et al. (1992) clones present the same variations, hence could come from strain differences). See SwissProt entry under "Conflict" in "Features" for list of discrepancies. Q/R RNA edited site at 639 (is Q in all sequences of this entry). Ensembl sequences have a TA insertion at site 369 that is not included here.

FASTA: EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1a.cem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1a.cgb
transcript Note: Bettler et al. (1990)
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1b.cem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1b.cgb
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1c.cem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1c.cgb
transcript Note: Sommer et al (1992)
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1b_bis.cem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1b_bis.cgb
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q2b.cem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q2b.cgb
protein Note: Bettler et al. (1990)
FASTA: GLUr5rano-Q2b.pfa EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q2b.pem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q2b.pgb
protein Note: Sommer et al (1992)
Accession codes for other databases Swiss-Prot: P22756-1
FASTA: GLUr5rano-Q1c.pfa EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1c.pem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1c.pgb
protein Note: Sommer et al (1992)
Accession codes for other databases Swiss-Prot: P22756-4
FASTA: GLUr5rano-Q1b_bis.pfa EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1b_bis.pem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1b_bis.pgb
protein Note: Bettler et al. (1990)
Accession codes for other databases Ensembl: ENSRNOP00000050263
FASTA: GLUr5rano-Q1b.pfa EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1b.pem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1b.pgb
protein Note: Sommer et al (1992)
Accession codes for other databases Swiss-Prot: P22756-3
FASTA: GLUr5rano-Q1a.pfa EMBL: GLUr5rano-Q1a.pem Genbank: GLUr5rano-Q1a.pgb
Phylogenetic analyses
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