GLUr2mumu  mouse glutamate receptor GLUR2 subunit

Organism Mus musculus
Date of entry creation: 29/AUG/1999 Date of last modification: 05/JUL/2001
Accession codes for other databases DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: X57498
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: L32372
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: L32151
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: L32189-L32204
  • Sakimura,K., Bujo,H., Kushiya,E., Araki,K., Yamazaki,M., Yamazaki,M., Meguro,H., Warashina,A., Numa,S. and Mishina,M. Functional expression from cloned cDNAs of glutamate receptor species responsive to kainate and quisqualate. FEBS Lett. 272 (1-2), 73-80 (1990)
  • Kohler,M., Kornau,H.C. and Seeburg,P.H. The organization of the gene for the functionally dominant alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid receptor subunit GluR-B. J. Biol. Chem. 269 (26), 17367-17370 (1994)
  • Seeburg,P.H. Direct Submission (01-JUN-1994) Peter H. Seeburg, Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH), University of Heidelberg, Germany, INF 282, Heidelberg, D-69120, Germany.
transcript Note: flop isoform
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr2mumu-1.cem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-1.cgb
transcript Note: long form presented in Kohler et al. Could it be the flip isoform plus an unspliced penultimate intron (also present in the short form).
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr2mumu-long.cem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-long.cgb
transcript Note: short form presented in Kohler et al. Could it be the flop isoform plus an unspliced penultimate intron (also present in the long form).
FASTA: EMBL: GLUr2mumu-short.cem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-short.cgb
FASTA: GLUr2mumu-short.pfa EMBL: GLUr2mumu-short.pem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-short.pgb
FASTA: GLUr2mumu-long.pfa EMBL: GLUr2mumu-long.pem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-long.pgb
FASTA: GLUr2mumu-flop.pfa EMBL: GLUr2mumu-flop.pem Genbank: GLUr2mumu-flop.pgb
Phylogenetic analyses
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