GLUnr1mumu  mouse glutamate receptor NMDAR1 subunit (aka ζ1)

Organism Mus musculus
Date of entry creation: 28/AUG/1999 Date of last modification: 22/AUG/2001
Accession codes for other databases DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: D10028
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: E06820-1
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: I19109-10
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: S37525
  • Yamazaki,M. Direct Submission (02-DEC-1991) to the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank databases. Makoto Yamazaki, Brain Research Institute Niigata University, Department of Pharmacology; 1-757 Asahimachi, Niigata, Niigata 951, Japan (Tel:025-223-6161(ex.5170-4), Fax:025-225-6458)
  • Yamazaki,M., Mori,H., Araki,K., Mori,K.J. and Mishina,M. Cloning, expression and modulation of a mouse NMDA receptor subunit. FEBS Lett. 300 (1), 39-45 (1992)
  • Mishina,M. (1994) unpublished
  • Mishina,M. (1996) unpublished
General notes
only D10028 is explicitely said to originate from Mus musculus. Other clones are labelled Mus sp. or unknown.
transcript Note: D10028
FASTA: EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar1.cem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar1.cgb
transcript Note: E06820
FASTA: EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar3.cem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar3.cgb
transcript Note: E06821
FASTA: EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar2.cem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar2.cgb
transcript Note: S37525
FASTA: EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-2a.cem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-2a.cgb
FASTA: GLUnr1mumu-2a.pfa EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-2a.pem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-2a.pgb
FASTA: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar3.pfa EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar3.pem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar3.pgb
FASTA: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar2.pfa EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar2.pem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar2.pgb
FASTA: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar1.pfa EMBL: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar1.pem Genbank: GLUnr1mumu-1aVar1.pgb
Phylogenetic analyses
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