GABc27h5_4cael  Caenorhabditis elegans anionic receptor C27H5.4 subunit

Organism Caenorhabditis elegans
Date of entry creation: 11/SEP/1999 Date of last modification: 11/SEP/1999
Accession codes for other databases DDBJ|EMBL|genbank: U14635
  • Wilson,R., Ainscough,R., Anderson,K., Baynes,C., Berks,M., Bonfield,J., Burton,J., Connell,M., Copsey,T., Cooper,J., Coulson,A., Craxton,M., Dear,S., Du,Z., Durbin,R., Favello,A., Fulton,L., Gardner,A., Green,P., Hawkins,T., Hillier,L., Jier,M., Johnston,L., Jones,M., Kershaw,J., Kirsten,J., Laister,N., Latreille,P., Lightning,J., Lloyd,C., McMurray,A., Mortimore,B., O'Callaghan,M., Parsons,J., Percy,C., Rifken,L., Roopra,A., Saunders,D., Shownkeen,R., Smaldon,N., Smith,A., Sonnhammer,E.,Staden,R., Sulston,J., Thierry-Mieg,J., Thomas,K., Vaudin,M., Vaughan,K., Waterston,R., Watson,A., Weinstock,L.,Wilkinson-Sproat,J. and Wohldman,P. 2.2 Mb of contiguous nucleotide sequence from chromosome III of C.elegans. Nature 368 (6466), 32-38 (1994)
  • Pauley,A. The sequence of C. elegans cosmid C27H5. Unpublished (1994)
  • Waterston,R. Direct Submission (13-JUL-1995) Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Genetics, Washington University,St. Louis, MO 63110, USA, and Sanger Centre, Hinxton Hall, Cambridge CB10 IRQ, England e-mail: and
General notes
map="II" transcript constructed from genomic sequence The nucleic sequences are the REVERSE COMPLEMENT of those present in DDBJ|EMBL|genbank
FASTA: GABc27h5_4cael.gfa EMBL: GABc27h5_4cael.gem Genbank: GABc27h5_4cael.ggb
FASTA: EMBL: GABc27h5_4cael.cem Genbank: GABc27h5_4cael.cgb
FASTA: GABc27h5_4cael.pfa EMBL: GABc27h5_4cael.pem Genbank: GABc27h5_4cael.pgb
Phylogenetic analyses
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Nicolas Le Novère and Jean-Pierre Changeux (1999). The Ligand-Gated Ion Channel database. Nucleic Acid Research, 27 : 340-342
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