ACHa3hosa  human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α3 subunit

Organism Homo sapiens
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Accession codes for other databases Uniprot: ACH3_HUMAN
Uniprot: Q9BRR4
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: M37981
DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: BC006114
OMIM: %249210
Locus Chr 15 q25.1
  • Fornasari D., Chini B., Tarroni P., Clementi F.; "Molecular cloning of human neuronal nicotinic receptor alpha 3-subunit."; Neurosci. Lett. 111:351-356(1990).
  • Mihovilovic M., Roses A.D.; "Expression of mRNAs in human thymus coding for the alpha 3 subunit of a neuronal acetylcholine receptor."; Exp. Neurol. 111:175-180(1991).
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  • Groot Kormelink P.J., Luyten W.H.M.L.; "Cloning and sequence of full-length cDNAs encoding the human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) subunits beta3 and beta4 and expression of seven nAChR subunits in the human neuroblastoma cell line SH-SY5Y and/or IMR-32."; FEBS Lett. 400:309-314(1997).
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  • Anand R., Lindstrom J.; Submitted (JUN-1990) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.
  • Arredondo J., Grando S.A.; "Cloning cholinergic receptors in human keratinocytes."; Submitted (MAY-2001) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.
General notes
The transcript sequence from M37981 does not correspond to Ensembl sequence.
Accession codes for other databases Ensembl: ENSG00000080644
FASTA: ACHa3hosa.gfa EMBL: ACHa3hosa.gem Genbank: ACHa3hosa.ggb
Accession codes for other databases DDBJ|EMBL|Genbank: BC006114
FASTA: EMBL: ACHa3hosa.cem Genbank: ACHa3hosa.cgb
protein Note: Several alternative signal peptide and c-term sequence exist. This sequence is selected on the comparison with Ensembl (signal-peptide) and with other mammal sequences (c-term).
Accession codes for other databases Uniprot: Q86U77
FASTA: ACHa3hosa.pfa EMBL: ACHa3hosa.pem Genbank: ACHa3hosa.pgb
Phylogenetic analyses
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Nicolas Le Novère and Jean-Pierre Changeux (1999). The Ligand-Gated Ion Channel database. Nucleic Acid Research, 27 : 340-342
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